While our population continues to soar, it seems that the number of those who hold to any kind of deep faith connection that is aligned with a particular church declines. People are still asking questions of faith, spirituality, their soul, and even life after death, but their traditional ideas about church seem disconnected from their questioning. Here, we are trying to provide real ways for real people to connect themselves to a real God and a real church. This is Real Life Connected. 

MPCC…A Local Body

Through the ministries of Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana, you are invited to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Our mission is to change the world one life, one family, and one opportunity at a time. We desire to be a church that is locally focused (in a real way) and globally engaged with an undeniable influence for Christ. This blog is about the Connections Ministry at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, the stories within the ministries of MPCC, and how we are connecting people to God, faith in Jesus, and the local church. You are encouraged to be a part of this story.

Dr. Fred

MountPleasant-StaffPhotos-Meadows-FredDr. Fred Meadows serves as the Connections Pastor at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, a mega-church on the Indianapolis south side in Greenwood, Indiana. He also is an Adjunct Religion Professor, teaching courses at Olivet Nazarene University and Warner University. His teaching comes out of many years of experience in the local church, mixed with a lifetime of being mentored in leadership by some great Christian leaders as well as formal education and training at Regent University, Anderson School of Theology, and Asbury Theological Seminary. His calling is to help people discover the presence of God in their daily lives. His passion is to be a mentor to a new generation of those seeking to find meaning and deep life relevance in worshipping and serving in the church. As a worship pastor for 32 years, he spent his life planning and leading congregational worship through the years of great “worship change” in the church. There, he helped people discover God’s presence in their lives through worship on a corporate level. Now, on a more personal level, he serves as the link to new people in the faith and the church in helping people become missional minded and find meaningful  places to serve and to live out their faith in community.